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Comments on FCC NPRM 02-230

I am An amateur radio operator licensed by the FCC, according to the amateur radio act of congress. My License is KD6MSI. I have been active in digital modes of communication such as satellite and Packet for almost ten years, and I can't believe that th e FCC would be even considering anything like the Broadcast Flag Mandate. The effect that it would have on amateur radio stations and operators would be devastating and immediate. In addition, it would cripple software such as the open source GNU project's GNU radio, which allows any computer equipped with an antenna and an analog-to-digital card to function as a radio and TV receiver. This is not piracy, and not by any stretch of the imagination, a copyright issue, but the RIAA and MPAA are attempting to make it such in order to further consolidate the power that they are currently wielding in this country. This action also sets a dangerous precedent; it is giving the united states government permission to take a measure of control over our computers and how we use them, even though that use is lawful and ethical. It is a slippery slope that can only lead to more regulation and intrusive control over the use of personal computers in this country. I thank you for considering my comments and urge you to decline to pass this measure.


Mathew Prosper