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Don't Let the RIAA Put the Net at Risk!

Tell the FTC that the Internet is Peer to Peer, It is Ours, and We Intend to Keep It!

Please forward this notice to any other concerned parties you may know.

Please tell the FTC not to allow a few rich cartels and monopolies such as the RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft to put the Internet at risk:

What's Going On:

The FTC has issued a call for participation announcing a workshop on "P2P Filesharing" technology to take place this December 15th and 16th.

An RIAA-sponsored CapAnalysis paper submitted to the FTC, calls for an investigation of "P2P Filesharing" applications for deceptive practices that affect the privacy and security of users, subjecting them to such risks as adware, viruses, exposure to undesirable material, impairments of computer function, and last but not least, liability to charges of copyright infringement. Congress is also calling the FTC to investigate these products.

We call all those who know the Internet is a common good, who make productive use of it and who develop applications for it as a regular part of their daily lives, to join us in telling the FTC what the real sources of these risks are.

Please tell the FTC not to allow a few rich cartels and monopolies such as the RIAA, MPAA and Microsoft to put the Internet at risk:

Get On the Bus!

We are organizing a caravan of concerned citizens to travel to the nation's capital and defend our rights and powers against the RIAA, the MPAA and Microsoft.

When we arrive:

  • We will call the FTC to protect Internet users by acting against a few rich cartels and monopolies that impede innovation and access to robust solutions, choice, transparency and control.

  • We will call the FTC to focus their attention on the real sources of the risks in question, and to respond to them appropriately.

  • We will pose the question to the FTC of how they can distinguish the applications they have selected for consideration at this workshop from the multitude of applications of the Internet and the ordinary functions of operating systems now in use on millions of interconnected desktops across the planet.

  • We will press the FTC to explain what risks are actually unique to the applications they have singled out.

  • We will call the FTC to separate copyright matters from consideration of the private interests of consumers.

  • We will call the FTC to refer copyright policy to the appropriate body, the United States Congress.

Please submit comments to the FTC here:

Please contact us to let us know you will join us in this action and to offer your assistance with travel, lodging and sustenance:


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