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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 To: From: Subject: Your Transmeta 5800 & TPM
Dear Transmeta,
I am very disappointed that you should choose
to aquiesce 
to such developments.  Please don't even try to say that
consider these systems of any real use other than 
for the most oppressive &
sinister purposes - if you really do then please - wake up from your coma,
look around, and realise what the consequences of your actions really are.

a real tangible consequence please be assured that as the Technical Director
of a central London IT company that builds, installs and recommends systems, I
will not be using your products in any systems ands will warn clients about
your company and it's activities. 
Please... after creating such an exciting
novel design. 
I did read all the Tech white papers...very
Adrian W Thomas    

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