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Lawrence Lessig to speak at Cooper Union - 12 May

* Free, open to the public (no RSVP)
* The talk is titled: Free Culture -- The Struggle to
Liberate Creativity and the Internet from the Law.
* When -- May 12, 2003, 6 p.m.
* Where -- The Great Hall, East 7th Street at 3rd
Avenue, NYC.

posted Wed May 7 09:46:43 2003 | article numb 5

Intel vows support for Free Software
At Linux Expo in New York City an Intel Spokesman said the company had no plans to make hardware that would only boot Palladium enabled systems. The representative said that Intel plans to continue to sell non-DRM hardware to support the Free Software market. With Linux at at about 25% of the server market it would not be wise to build systems that
do not boot Free Software according to Intel.

posted Wed Jan 22 18:09:35 2003 | article numb 4

The DMCA now used to attack ink cartridge makers
According to the Register Lexmark is using the DMCA to prevent third party makers from producing ink cartridges for Lexmark printers. Talk about DMCA abuse!

posted Sun Jan 12 15:58:28 2003 | article numb 3

Palladium is here - Stop it before it is entrenched!
American Megatrends announced its 'trusted computing'
BIOS on Jan 6. It seems that the encrypted BIOS'
integrity will be verified by a special chip or flash ROM,
and will in turn verify the 'authenticity, integrity and
privacy' of the boot loader and the operating system. Does
that mean such machines may refuse to boot any other
non-'trusted' OS?

New Yorkers For Fair Use is calling
on all computer buyers to boycott any computers with
Palladium technology built in. The way to show
these folks we mean business is to hit them in the
pocketbook by not giving them our money for systems
that we can not trust or control.

Be sure to look at the real information on "Trusted Computing" and send an email to telling them you will not buy their product!

posted Fri Jan 10 15:07:32 2003 | article numb 2

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