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Internet Commons Congress 2004

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Internet Commons Congress
March 2004

Ogg Vorbis Audio Files

Technical Notes:  Recordings through Session Two are derived from a backup recording and are of lower quality.  Bruce Kushnick's and Phil Shapiro's presentations are missing; we continue to seek other recordings of these presentations.  Richard Stallman's remote presentation was recorded from the ambient environment; we anticipate posting an improved file derived from the backup. The beginning of Daniel Berninger's welcome statement, the end of Terry McGarty's presentation, and the final minutes of the first day's closing discussion are clipped.  We hope to correct as many of these defects as we can shortly.
Daniel Berninger, Internet Commons Congress Host
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Thursday, March 25, 2004
Declaration of Independence for Cyberspace
John Perry Barlow, Co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Session One: The Rise of Unlicensed Spectrum
  • Tim Pozar, Co-founder, Bay Area Wireless User Group

  • (Discussion)
  • Harold Feld, Associate Director, Media Access Project

  • (Discussion)
  • Stuart Gannes, Director, Stanford Digital Vision Project

  • (Discussion)
  • Jim Snider, Senior Research Fellow, New America Foundation

  • (Discussion)

    Session Two: Broadband and Bridging First Mile Disconnects
  • Terry McGarty, CEO, Merton Group (partial)
  • Bruce Kushnick, President, New Networks Institute
  • Phil Shapiro, Moderator, DC Non-profit Tech

  • The Internet and Freedom of the Press
    Daniel Sieberg, Technology Reporter, CNN

    Session Three: Internet Architecture, Governance, IPV6, DNS and Open Access
  • Jeff Chester, Executive Director, Center for Digital Democracy

  • (Discussion)
  • Andrew Odlyzko, Professor, University of Minnesota

  • (Discussion)
  • Bob Frankston, Entrepreneur, Frankston Innovating

  • (Discussion)
  • Ian Peter, Founder, Pegasus Networks

  • Commentary via Remote Hookup
    Richard Stallman, Founder, The GNU Project (improved audio pending)

    Session Four: Internet Communications, VoIP and the Telephone Monopolies
  • Jim Kohlenberger, Former White House Communications Policy Advisor

  • (Discussion)
  • Joe Plotkin, Vice President,

  • (Discussion)
    The Dumb Network
    David Isenberg, Principal Prosultant,

    Session Five: The Push to Trade Freedom and Privacy for Security
  • Chris Hoofnagle, Associate Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center

  • (Discussion)
  • Brett Wynkoop, President, Wynn Data Limited

  • (Discussion)

    Documentary Coverage
    Thor the Barbarian

    Session Six: Digital Democracy
  • William Finkel, Outreach Manager,
  • Eric Hensal, Group Director, Group360

  • (Discussion)
  • Nelson Pavlosky, Founder, Swarthmore Coalition for Digital Commons
  • Paul Hyland, Board Member, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

  • (Discussion)

    Session Seven: The Internet Commons and Media Concentration
  • Mark Cooper, Director of Research, Consumer Federation of America

  • (Discussion)
  • John Mitchell, Principal,
  • Manon Ress, Research Associate, Consumer Project for Technology

  • (Discussion)

    The Copyright Crisis
    Brad Templeton, Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Session Eight: Open Scholarship, Texts, Journals, Knowledge Centers
  • Anatoly Volynets, Board Member, Open Studios
  • Fred Stutzman, Director of Technology,

  • (Discussion)
    Internet Commons Congress Roundtable:
    Information Freedom and the Ubiquity of the Internet, Computers and Code

    Part One: Issues

    Seth Johnson

    Internet Commons Congress Roundtable
    Information Freedom and the Ubiquity of the Internet, Computers and Code

    Part Two: Projects

    Seth Johnson