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Internet Commons Congress 2004

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Internet Commons Congress 2004
March 11, 2004
Contact: Eric Hensal

WHAT: The Internet Commons Congress of 2004. An international open assembly of the public, gathered to address a broad range of issues that threaten the Internet Commons and basic rights to own fully-functional computers, to use information rendered to the Commons for the public benefit, and to develop vibrant new means for working with information. Recent proposals to regulate the autonomous development of innovations such as VoIP will be discussed.

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WHO: The attendees are individuals and organizational representatives from across the globe and from the public, private and non-profit sectors. Registration is free.

Dwayne Goldsmith, Inflexion Communications

Bob Frankston, Frankston Innovating

Terry McGarty, Merton Group

Greg Peterson, Lucent Technologies

Larry Irving, Irving Information Group

Bob Kahn, CNRI

Kevin Werbach, Supernova Group

Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota

Eric Blossom, GNU Radio

David Sugar, Bayonne GNU

Norbert Bollow, DotGNU

Lucas Gonze, WebJay

Drew Streib, SourceForge

David Chaum, Digicash

Daniel Sieberg, CNN

Declan McCullagh, CNet

Seth Finkelstein, Infothought

Adam Kosmin, Windows Refund Day

Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg

Fred Stutzman,

Anthony McCann, UC Santa Barbara

Tim Pozar, Bay Area Wireless User Group

Harold Feld, Media Access Project

Stuart Gannes, Digital Vision Project

Jim Kohlenberger,
     former White House Communications Policy Advisor

Jeff Pulver,

Bruce Kushnick, New Networks Institute

Dave Burstein, DSL Prime

Jessica Litman, Wayne State University Law School

Ann Bartow, USC Law Center

Julie Cohen, Georgetown Law School

John Mitchell,

Sonia Schmitt, World Bank

John Perry Barlow, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fred von Lohmann, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jon Lebkowsky, Electronic Frontier Foundation - Austin

Robin Gross, IP Justice

Richard Stallman, GNU Project

Chris Hoofnagle, EPIC

Nancy Kranich, Free Expression Policy Project

James Love, Consumer Project on Technology

Jay Sulzberger, New Yorkers for Fair Use

Laurie Racine, Center for the Public Domain

Jeff Chester, Center for Digital Democracy

Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America

Manon Ress, Essential Information

Serge Wroclawski, DC-Free

William Finkel,

Alan Bushnell, DC Indymedia

Pete Tri Dish, Prometheus Radio Project

Phil Shapiro, DC Nonprofit Tech

WHY: The Internet Commons Congress is an opportunity for public engagement in response to numerous attacks on the Internet Commons and on fundamental rights.

WHEN: March 24-25th. The Congress begins at 8:45 AM.

WHERE: The Internet Commons Congress will be held in the auditorium of the Shady Grove campus, University of Maryland in Shady Grove, Maryland

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