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Press Outreach Meeting - 9 Jan 2003

We will be meeting at Starbucks at 40th and Lexington ave at 7:00 PM to brief for an action in protest of the "Paladium initiative" from Microsoft AMD and Intel. After the briefing we will walk to a nearby location with internet access and work on the tactic for about 2 hours.

Press Outreach Meeting - 23 Oct. 2002

We will be meeting at Starbucks at 40th and Lexington ave at 7:45 PM to discuss this action. We will then walk to a nearby location that has internet access and work on getting the word out about the the FCC NPRM on the broadcast flag.

NYers for Fair Use to Protest

DMCA Abuses

Protest weekly to free Dmitry at 12Noon at 42nd and Fifth Ave in front of the NYC Public Library.

Political Action Committee Meeting Wed at 82 Beaver Street, Killarny Rose Pub, every Wednesday at 6:30PM. Official session convenes at 7:30PM.
Notice - please check the mailing list for meeting announcements until Downtown stabilizes and the Rose can handle us.

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New York Linux Users to Demonstrate at DVD Trial

New York Linux Users to
Demonstrate at DVD Trial

WHO: New York Linux Users Group (NYLUG) WHAT: Demonstration in support of 2600 Magazine, defendants WHERE: Federal Court Building, 500 Pearl Street, New York WHEN: Monday, July 17th, 2000 at 10:30am to 5:00pm WHY: To protect fair use rights and independent distribution from a Hollywood "land grab".
NEW YORK, N.Y., July 17, 2000 -- The New York Linux Users Group ( is demonstrating outside the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan. Linux users, free software enthusiasts, and civil libertarians will unite in a show of support for technology journalist Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of 2600 Magazine ( The Motion Picture Association of America (, representing eight giant movie studios, has targeted Goldstein in a lawsuit alleging that he has contributed to copyright infringement by offering a DVD-decrypting program on the 2600 Magazine website.

The program, called DeCSS, 'unlocks' the DVD in a computer, allowing the user to access the encrypted video data on a DVD disc. The movie studios claim that the use of the DeCSS program violates a controversial measure of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) which forbids the 'circumvention of technological measures' to access a copyrighted work, regardless of whether the access is itself legal. For example, the DMCA would prohibit a computer user from using a legally acquired DVD disc on his own computer, unless the player program were authorized by the copyright holder of the disc.

Goldstein has received legal support from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (, the preeminent internet civil liberties group. The protest is set for the opening day of the trial.

* * *

NYLUG is New York's Linux Users Group supporting all things Linux and Open Source in the greater New York area.

If you have any questions about NYLUG, please feel free to contact: Jim Gleason, NYLUG President <>

For questions about the protest, please contact: Billy Donahue <>


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