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   Importing Terrorism and Other American Values Importing Terrorism and
   Other American Values | Ann Coulter A Dozen Refugees in U.S. Connected
   to Terrorism Just This Year A Dozen Refugees in U.S. Connected to
   Terrorism Just This Year | Katie Pavlich Al Qaeda Operative Who Nearly
   Bombed UK Shopping Mall, NYC Subway Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison Al
   Qaeda Operative Who Nearly Bombed UK Shopping Mall, NYC Subway
   Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison | Katie Pavlich Mike Huckabee at The
   Hospital For Surgery Mike Huckabee at The Hospital For Surgery | Katie
   [6.png] Video: Trump Spokeswoman Clarifies Position on 'Muslim
   Database' | Guy Benson [2439dbea-71a6-4610-9a75-650e350527cb.jpg]
   Political Translations | Thomas Sowell [8.jpg] The Giving Of Thanks |
   Derek Hunter
   10 Tips to Survive Today's College Campus, or: Everything You Need to
   Know About College Microaggressions | Larry Elder 
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   Phyllis Schlafly 

Phyllis Schlafly

   Phyllis Schlafly has been a national leader of the conservative
   movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice
   Not An Echo. Phyllis Schlafly has been a leader of the pro-family
   movement since 1972, when Phyllis Schlafly started her national
   volunteer organization now called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle,
   Phyllis Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the
   principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal
   Rights Amendment. An articulate and successful opponent of the radical
   feminist movement, Phyllis Schlafly appears in debate on college
   campuses more frequently than any other conservative. Phyllis Schlafly
   was named one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century by
   the Ladies' Home Journal.

   Phyllis Schlafly's monthly newsletter called The Phyllis Schlafly
   Report is now in its 38th year. Phyllis Schlafly's syndicated column
   appears in 100 newspapers, her radio commentaries are heard daily on
   460 stations, and her radio talk show on education called "Phyllis
   Schlafly Live" is heard weekly on 45 stations. Both can be heard on
   the internet.

   Phyllis Schlafly is the author or editor of 20 books on subjects as
   varied as family and feminism (The Power of the Positive Woman),
   nuclear strategy (Strike From Space and Kissinger on the Couch),
   education (Child Abuse in the Classroom), child care (Who Will Rock
   the Cradle?), and a phonics book (Turbo Reader). Phyllis Schlafly's
   most recent book, Feminist Fantasies, is a collection of essays on
   feminism in the media, workplace, home, and the military.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer and served as a member of the Commission
   on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1985-1991, appointed by
   President Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly has testified before more than 50
   Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional,
   national defense, and family issues.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington
   University, received her J.D. from Washington University Law School,
   and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard

   Phyllis Schlafly is America's best-known advocate of the dignity and
   honor that we as a society owe to the role of fulltime homemaker. The
   mother of six children, Phyllis Schlafly was the 1992 Illinois Mother
   of the Year.
   Governors Say "Not in My State!"
   Posted November 24, 2015

   Defying the wishes of the American people, President Obama remains
   determined to import tens of thousands of poorly screened Muslims as
   refugees from the civil war in Syria, and scatter them in communities
   across America.
   France Closes Its Borders; Why Can't We?
   Posted November 17, 2015

   The Friday night massacre of over 100 people at a soccer game, a rock
   concert, and five restaurants in Paris was apparently committed by 8
   men working on behalf of ISIS, also called ISIL or the Islamic State.
   New Speaker Must Reclaim Article One
   Posted November 10, 2015

   Shortly after he was sworn in as Speaker of the House, Representative
   Paul D. Ryan, R., Wis., admitted to his colleagues: "The House is
   broken. We are not solving problems; we are adding to them. Neither
   the members nor the people are satisfied with how things are going."
   China Needs More Children -- And So Do We
   Posted November 03, 2015

   It made front-page headlines around the world when China's Communist
   Party announced the end of its notorious one-child policy. Imposed by
   Chinese dictator Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s, the one-child limit
   has been ruthlessly enforced with forced abortion, infanticide,
   sterilization, and heavy fines on families that dared to have a second
   Public-Sector Unions Are Losing Their Clout
   Posted October 27, 2015

   Although the Republican Congress has been unable to roll back big
   government in Washington, a more optimistic record is being built in
   states with Republican governments. One remarkable success story comes
   from Alabama, where a federal appeals court has given the green light
   to a new law that will dilute the power of the teachers union in that
   Trick or Treat?
   Posted October 20, 2015

   Many Americans are stocking up on treats for neighborhood children in
   scary costumes, but you may want to think twice before opening the
   door to strangers this Halloween. That same weekend, from October 30
   to November 2, the Obama administration plans to release 6,000 felons
   from federal prison.
   Congress Should Hold Hearings on Fantasy Football
   Posted October 13, 2015

   A new form of gambling has suddenly appeared in America, and the
   outfits raking in the money claim that what they're doing is perfectly
   legal. In the last four years, two recently formed companies,
   DraftKings and FanDuel, have collected billions from the mostly young
   men who place bets on their smart phones on what's called fantasy
   The Establishment Looks for a New Plan B
   Posted October 06, 2015

   The Republican establishment designed the process to deliver the 2016
   presidential nomination to a business-friendly moderate who avoids
   so-called social issues. The consultants who rewrote the party rules
   after 2012 are now trying to explain to their patrons what went wrong
   and how to fix it.
   Why Obama Won't Stay at the Waldorf
   Posted September 29, 2015

   Although every U.S. president since Herbert Hoover has stayed at the
   famous luxury Waldorf Astoria Hotel when visiting New York City,
   President Obama will not be bunking there this week. Along with
   hundreds of American officials who used to occupy whole floors of the
   Waldorf during the September meetings of the U.N. General Assembly,
   Obama will move to a different hotel.
   Congress Must Exercise Its Power of the Purse 
   Posted September 22, 2015

   Whenever Republicans and conservatives gather among themselves -- and
   I've been to many such meetings in recent months -- people talk about
   the need for new leadership in Washington. Every day I hear Republican
   voters expressing disappointment with the Republicans who occupy the
   top jobs in the U.S. House and Senate.
   America Has Taken More than Our Share of Refugees 
   Posted September 15, 2015

   The United States is the most generous nation in the world, and we
   have taken many refugees from foreign lands. Europe has not offered to
   take refugees from Central America, so why are some politicians here
   insisting that we take many thousands of refugees from the Middle
   Judicial Tyranny in Kentucky
   Posted September 08, 2015

   In the Appalachian hills of eastern Kentucky, one brave woman is
   testing whether Justice Anthony Kennedy really meant it when he wrote
   those words. But the local federal judge for eastern Kentucky, David
   Bunning, has wrongly sent Kim Davis to jail for her beliefs, without
   respecting or accommodating her sincere Christian beliefs.
   Anchor Babies on Trial in Texas
   Posted September 01, 2015

   A federal case moving to trial in Texas could provide a means to stop
   the practice of extending automatic U.S. citizenship to children born
   to illegal aliens.
   Women Still Don't Belong in Combat 
   Posted August 25, 2015

   The world can probably survive a woman as UN secretary general, but
   not the emasculation of America's elite combat units. Don't let them
   get away with it.
   Donald Drives the Debate
   Posted August 18, 2015

   "If it werent for me," Donald Trump told the Fox News moderators at
   the first Republican presidential debate, "you wouldnt even be talking
   about illegal immigration." The record-breaking audience of 24
   million, which is ten times Foxs usual nightly viewership, had to
   The Iran Deal Betrays America
   Posted August 11, 2015

   As Americans learn the dangerous details of President Obamas deal with
   Iran, Republican leaders should admit their mistake in passing Sen.
   Bob Corkers (R-TN) bill that reversed the process for treaty
   ratification. Instead of a treaty requiring approval from two-thirds
   of the Senate, the Corker bill allows the Iran deal to be disapproved
   by a simple majority in both housessubject to a certain presidential
   veto, which requires two-thirds of both houses to override.
   NEA's Plan to Indoctrinate Schoolchildren 
   Posted August 04, 2015

   If you want to stay on top of whats going on in schools, watch the
   policies adopted by the National Education Association (NEA) which
   attracts nearly 10,000 delegates to its annual convention over the
   Fourth of July weekend. The NEAs 3 million members include most of the
   nations public school teachers, who fund its half-billion dollar
   budget with their mandatory union dues.
   The Sanctuary Scandal
   Posted July 28, 2015

   Donald Trumps unorthodox campaign has performed a public service by
   shining the national spotlight on the problem of sanctuary cities
   which shelter illegal aliens from deportation.
   Planned Parenthood's Odious Activities
   Posted July 21, 2015

   "Weve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know
   that, so Im not gonna crush that part. Im gonna basically crush below,
   Im gonna crush above, and Im gonna see if I can get it all intact."
   Donald Trump Shakes Up the 2016 Campaign 
   Posted July 14, 2015

   Liberals have perfected the art of exploiting a tragedy for political
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   Ahmed Mohamed is Suing his School and the City of Irving, TX over
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   Hollande Visiting Putin Just After Visiting U.S. Is A Bit Awkward
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   Kerry To 'Calm Things Down' In Israel
   NewsBusted: Paris Attacks, ISIS, Martin O'Malley, Charlie Sheen
   NewsBusted: Paris Attacks, ISIS, Martin O'Malley, Charlie Sheen
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   Possible ban on Native American mascots could be costly to Colorado
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       'Protesters' attack peaceful Christmas tree in Chicago
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       Syrian refugees to Mayflower pilgrims 
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     * "Your Republican Uncle": DNC debuts new website to help
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