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     * Jan 30, 2015
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   Grassley: Will Loretta Lynch's Qualifications Transfer to Correcting
   Serious Problems at DOJ? Grassley: Will Loretta Lynch's Qualifications
   Transfer to Correcting Serious Problems at DOJ? | Katie Pavlich Group
   White House Says Doesn't Qualify as "Terrorists" Kills Three Americans
   in Afghanistan Group White House Says Doesn't Qualify as "Terrorists"
   Kills Three Americans in Afghanistan | Katie Pavlich New Legislation
   Introduced to Stop DHS "Catch and Release" Policy For Dangerous
   Criminal Aliens New Legislation Introduced to Stop DHS "Catch and
   Release" Policy For Dangerous Criminal Aliens | Katie Pavlich Obama's
   Taliban Tools and Treachery Obama's Taliban Tools and Treachery |
   Michelle Malkin 
   Hostility to Tradition | Erick Erickson [82.jpg] Polls: Is 'Ready for
   Hillary' Narrative a Mirage? | Guy Benson
   [82fb6928-21c5-41e3-9e63-ebebd7eef04a.jpg] Reports: Obama Campaign
   Operatives Working to Defeat Netanyahu | Guy Benson
   [00a4db07-fa5d-4e83-a736-49f7ae28daff.jpg] Sharyl Attkisson Testifies:
   If You Cross The Obama Administration, You Will Be Attacked and
   Punished | Katie Pavlich 
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   Phyllis Schlafly 

Phyllis Schlafly

   Phyllis Schlafly has been a national leader of the conservative
   movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice
   Not An Echo. Phyllis Schlafly has been a leader of the pro-family
   movement since 1972, when Phyllis Schlafly started her national
   volunteer organization now called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle,
   Phyllis Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the
   principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal
   Rights Amendment. An articulate and successful opponent of the radical
   feminist movement, Phyllis Schlafly appears in debate on college
   campuses more frequently than any other conservative. Phyllis Schlafly
   was named one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century by
   the Ladies' Home Journal.

   Phyllis Schlafly's monthly newsletter called The Phyllis Schlafly
   Report is now in its 38th year. Phyllis Schlafly's syndicated column
   appears in 100 newspapers, her radio commentaries are heard daily on
   460 stations, and her radio talk show on education called "Phyllis
   Schlafly Live" is heard weekly on 45 stations. Both can be heard on
   the internet.

   Phyllis Schlafly is the author or editor of 20 books on subjects as
   varied as family and feminism (The Power of the Positive Woman),
   nuclear strategy (Strike From Space and Kissinger on the Couch),
   education (Child Abuse in the Classroom), child care (Who Will Rock
   the Cradle?), and a phonics book (Turbo Reader). Phyllis Schlafly's
   most recent book, Feminist Fantasies, is a collection of essays on
   feminism in the media, workplace, home, and the military.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer and served as a member of the Commission
   on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1985-1991, appointed by
   President Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly has testified before more than 50
   Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional,
   national defense, and family issues.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington
   University, received her J.D. from Washington University Law School,
   and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard

   Phyllis Schlafly is America's best-known advocate of the dignity and
   honor that we as a society owe to the role of fulltime homemaker. The
   mother of six children, Phyllis Schlafly was the 1992 Illinois Mother
   of the Year.
   Marriage on the Chopping Block?
   Posted January 27, 2015

   Within hours after the Supreme Court announced it would decide whether
   the Constitution requires every state to recognize marriages between
   persons of the same sex, the New York Times published an editorial
   gleefully predicting the inevitable outcome. When its ruling comes
   down in June, the Times assures us, the Supreme Court will "end the
   debate once and for all."
   Legislatures Should Curb Judicial Supremacy Over Marriage
   Posted January 20, 2015

   It's Roe v. Wade all over again, as the Supreme Court is poised to
   invent a new right to same-sex marriage found nowhere in the four
   corners of the Constitution. Fortunately, the Founders gave us checks
   and balances against this overreaching in power.
   Fuzzy Math in Unemployment Statistics
   Posted January 13, 2015

   The Department of Labor announced that 252,000 new jobs were added to
   the U.S. economy in December. The Obama administration is trying to
   pander to voters by touting a recent decline in government
   unemployment figures, but the official unemployment figure is
   dishonest because it excludes from the count the million unemployed
   Americans who have given up looking for a job.
   Schools Don't Teach Kids to Read
   Posted December 30, 2014

   A high school English teacher at Rosemount High School in Minnesota,
   which was called a "top-ranked school" by the Minnesota Department of
   Education, given the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award by the
   U.S. Department of Education and named a top school in the nation for
   2014 by Newsweek Magazine, just wrote a shocking letter alerting
   parents and the public that her high school juniors can't read. Her
   letter, published by the Minnesota Star Tribune on Dec. 4, was
   eloquent, so I quote it verbatim.
   The War Against Christians and Even Christmas
   Posted December 23, 2014

   There are 250 million Christians in America today, but most seem to be
   oblivious of the fact that they and their religion are under steady
   attack from those who apparently hate Christianity, or at least want
   to expunge Christianity from any public place or mention. That hatred
   seems to extend to all sorts of evidences of Christianity in our
   society, such as Christmas, which is a federal holiday.
   Feds Banish Sex Stereotypes in Classrooms
   Posted December 16, 2014

   The Obama administration is now trying to outlaw single-sex
   classrooms, a practice that has been growing as parents and teachers
   see its good results.
   The High Cost of Fast Track
   Posted December 09, 2014

   Obama received a thundering rejection to his attempt to make the
   November Congressional election a referendum on his policies. And the
   biggest Republican majority elected in more than 60 years promised to
   bring new life to Congress.
   Open Letter to Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner
   Posted November 25, 2014

   President Barack Obama proudly announced that his policies would be on
   the ballot in the Nov. 4 midterm elections. He got his response loud
   and clear: The American people said, "No, thanks."
   What Can We Expect From the New Senate?
   Posted November 11, 2014

   Republicans won a big victory in the midterm elections, so big that
   the media are calling it a "wave." Is President Obama planning to cope
   with this by "working together" and "bipartisanship"? The New York
   Times gave us his answer on the front page.
   Obama Starts Democrats' War Against Women
   Posted November 04, 2014

   Barack Obama has suddenly made himself the leader of a new war on
   Illegal Voters May Decide Fate of Senate
   Posted October 28, 2014

   Control of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs on Nov. 4, and illegal
   voters may tip the balance.
   Republicans Need Tools for 2014 Victory
   Posted October 21, 2014

   Although the midterm elections are still two weeks away, about two
   million Americans have already voted. The circus of early and mail-in
   voting undermines the federal law, which provides: "The Tuesday next
   after the first Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is
   established as the day for the election."
   Stop Disease at the Border
   Posted October 14, 2014

   Americans against amnesty are not only worried about unemployed
   Mexicans crossing our southern border illegally to take U.S. jobs.
   More than ever, we need the fence that Congress voted for and
   President George W. Bush made a television photo event when he signed
   it into law.
   Obama Fails to Protect Us, Again
   Posted October 07, 2014

   Of all the examples of incompetence and failure to protect Americans
   that the Obama administration has displayed, its failure to keep Ebola
   out of our country may be the worst. Obama's No. 1 job is to keep
   dangerous people from coming into America, and he has flunked the
   The Best Interest of the Dog
   Posted September 30, 2014

   The supposed standard for child custody in family courts is the "best
   interest of the child." The Vermont supreme court has now extended
   that to the best interest of the dog.
   Who Killed the American Family? 
   Posted September 23, 2014

   The British press just reported the result of a new study by academics
   from Oxford and the University of London that children raised in
   stable marital homes are better behaved than classmates brought up by
   unmarried parents. Children raised by married parents show lower
   levels of anti-social attitudes and hyperactivity.
   Immigration Chicanery 
   Posted September 16, 2014

   The strategists who base their political advice on public opinion
   polls have just had a surprise. A new poll reports that the American
   people are now more likely to trust Republicans to handle immigration
   and less likely to trust Democratic plans to offer illegals a path to
   citizenship (aka amnesty).
   Where's the Payoff in Gambling?
   Posted September 09, 2014

   For those who promote legalized gambling as a means of economic
   development or revitalization, or as a painless way to pay for public
   schools, the recent news from Atlantic City, New Jersey, is sobering.
   Putin Pushes the Envelope
   Posted September 03, 2014

   While the world's attention was distracted by his incursions into
   Eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin quietly made another
   provocative move that could lead to a direct confrontation with the
   United States. The Russian Navy sent a ship to remote Wrangel Island,
   planted a Russian naval flag on August 20, and announced plans to
   build a naval base there for Russia's Pacific Fleet.
   The Dead-End Road Called Pre-K
   Posted August 26, 2014

   After President Obama in his 2013 State of the Union address called
   for a new federal entitlement for taxpayer-funded free preschool or
   pre-K for all 4-year-olds, we thought his idea would be quickly
   discredited, not only by its enormous cost, but even more importantly
   by the overwhelming weight of research proving the lack of any
   long-term benefit from such programs.
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