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   Joe Biden's Yuck Factor Joe Biden's Yuck Factor | Michelle Malkin
   Hillary's Sycophants Hillary's Sycophants | Erick Erickson Warning:
   This Column Is In English Warning: This Column Is In English | Mark
   Davis Hillary Spokesman on Email Server: Look, I Don't Know What
   'Wiped' Means, Okay? Hillary Spokesman on Email Server: Look, I Don't
   Know What 'Wiped' Means, Okay? | Guy Benson 
   Reuters: 57 More Hillary Emails Contained Material That Was Classified
   at the Time | Guy Benson
   Donald Trump's Appeal Is Based on Yesterday's News | Michael Barone
   [029bf07a-15db-4c0a-85c2-cd98c6010694.jpg] The Exhausting Mrs. Clinton
   | Victor Davis Hanson [d713da0e-5f67-4a24-8201-9aaca95e11dd.jpg] An
   Arsenal Of Smoking Guns In Clinton Email Scandal | Jonah Goldberg 
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   Phyllis Schlafly 

Phyllis Schlafly

   Phyllis Schlafly has been a national leader of the conservative
   movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice
   Not An Echo. Phyllis Schlafly has been a leader of the pro-family
   movement since 1972, when Phyllis Schlafly started her national
   volunteer organization now called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle,
   Phyllis Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the
   principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal
   Rights Amendment. An articulate and successful opponent of the radical
   feminist movement, Phyllis Schlafly appears in debate on college
   campuses more frequently than any other conservative. Phyllis Schlafly
   was named one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century by
   the Ladies' Home Journal.

   Phyllis Schlafly's monthly newsletter called The Phyllis Schlafly
   Report is now in its 38th year. Phyllis Schlafly's syndicated column
   appears in 100 newspapers, her radio commentaries are heard daily on
   460 stations, and her radio talk show on education called "Phyllis
   Schlafly Live" is heard weekly on 45 stations. Both can be heard on
   the internet.

   Phyllis Schlafly is the author or editor of 20 books on subjects as
   varied as family and feminism (The Power of the Positive Woman),
   nuclear strategy (Strike From Space and Kissinger on the Couch),
   education (Child Abuse in the Classroom), child care (Who Will Rock
   the Cradle?), and a phonics book (Turbo Reader). Phyllis Schlafly's
   most recent book, Feminist Fantasies, is a collection of essays on
   feminism in the media, workplace, home, and the military.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer and served as a member of the Commission
   on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1985-1991, appointed by
   President Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly has testified before more than 50
   Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional,
   national defense, and family issues.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington
   University, received her J.D. from Washington University Law School,
   and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard

   Phyllis Schlafly is America's best-known advocate of the dignity and
   honor that we as a society owe to the role of fulltime homemaker. The
   mother of six children, Phyllis Schlafly was the 1992 Illinois Mother
   of the Year.
   Anchor Babies on Trial in Texas
   Posted September 01, 2015

   A federal case moving to trial in Texas could provide a means to stop
   the practice of extending automatic U.S. citizenship to children born
   to illegal aliens.
   Women Still Don't Belong in Combat 
   Posted August 25, 2015

   The world can probably survive a woman as UN secretary general, but
   not the emasculation of America's elite combat units. Don't let them
   get away with it.
   Donald Drives the Debate
   Posted August 18, 2015

   "If it werent for me," Donald Trump told the Fox News moderators at
   the first Republican presidential debate, "you wouldnt even be talking
   about illegal immigration." The record-breaking audience of 24
   million, which is ten times Foxs usual nightly viewership, had to
   The Iran Deal Betrays America
   Posted August 11, 2015

   As Americans learn the dangerous details of President Obamas deal with
   Iran, Republican leaders should admit their mistake in passing Sen.
   Bob Corkers (R-TN) bill that reversed the process for treaty
   ratification. Instead of a treaty requiring approval from two-thirds
   of the Senate, the Corker bill allows the Iran deal to be disapproved
   by a simple majority in both housessubject to a certain presidential
   veto, which requires two-thirds of both houses to override.
   NEA's Plan to Indoctrinate Schoolchildren 
   Posted August 04, 2015

   If you want to stay on top of whats going on in schools, watch the
   policies adopted by the National Education Association (NEA) which
   attracts nearly 10,000 delegates to its annual convention over the
   Fourth of July weekend. The NEAs 3 million members include most of the
   nations public school teachers, who fund its half-billion dollar
   budget with their mandatory union dues.
   The Sanctuary Scandal
   Posted July 28, 2015

   Donald Trumps unorthodox campaign has performed a public service by
   shining the national spotlight on the problem of sanctuary cities
   which shelter illegal aliens from deportation.
   Planned Parenthood's Odious Activities
   Posted July 21, 2015

   "Weve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know
   that, so Im not gonna crush that part. Im gonna basically crush below,
   Im gonna crush above, and Im gonna see if I can get it all intact."
   Donald Trump Shakes Up the 2016 Campaign 
   Posted July 14, 2015

   Liberals have perfected the art of exploiting a tragedy for political
   Don't Give Obama More Power Over Schools
   Posted July 07, 2015

   After spending most of June giving President Obama new authority to
   negotiate trade deals with low-wage countries in Asia, congressional
   Republicans are now poised to spend July giving Obama new authority
   over education in America's public schools.
   Hillary's Plans to Stuff the Ballot Box in 2016
   Posted June 09, 2015

   Hillary Clinton has laid out her game plan for winning back the White
   House for herself and her husband next year.
   Adios, America! 
   Posted June 02, 2015

   Ann Coulter lives up to her reputation of issuing warnings and
   political commentary that nobody else dares to say in her newest book,
   "Adios, America!"
   Let's Get On a Pro-American Track
   Posted May 12, 2015

   Congress, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Speaker John Boehner
   (R-OH), is preparing to betray American workers, and the grassroots
   should rise up and say, "No, you don't."
   The Real Immigration Issue Is Jobs 
   Posted April 28, 2015

   Congratulations to WorldNetDaily on its 18th anniversary. As an
   author, I'm so thankful to Joseph Farah and his staff for creating
   such an efficient route to communicate with millions of Americans. I
   am especially grateful to WND for tackling conservative issues every
   day so effectively.
   Candidates Should Read The Republican Platform 
   Posted April 21, 2015

   Nineteen of the about two dozen people who may seek the Republican
   presidential nomination trooped to Nashua, New Hampshire, last weekend
   hoping to impress that state's primary voters and activists. The
   candidates rehearsed Republican talking points about lower taxes,
   smaller government and a strong foreign policy, but they had nothing
   to say about the impending Supreme Court decision that threatens to
   redefine marriage and undermine the family as we have always known it.
   The Killing in South Carolina
   Posted April 14, 2015

   Why was Walter Scott running away from a policeman who tried to stop
   him for a broken taillight? The media are trying to make a South
   Carolina policeman's killing of a black man, Walter Scott, another
   sensational case of racism, but the media have missed the point of the
   What Will the Court Do to Marriage?
   Posted April 07, 2015

   If you get your news primarily from entertainment shows or social
   media, you might think that same-sex marriage has already been
   recognized as a constitutional right. In fact, the Supreme Court held
   just the opposite in 1972 and has since refused several opportunities
   to revisit that ruling.
   What's Happening on College Campuses?
   Posted March 31, 2015

   Who would have thought, only a few years ago, that our basic First
   Amendment right of free speech would be under attack on college
   campuses (of all places!)? But those are now ordinary campus events.
   The Many Costs of Obama's Amnesty
   Posted March 24, 2015

   Seeing as the costs will come due only after Barack Obama has left the
   White House, I guess he doesn't care how high those costs are. But the
   costs are horrendous, as just added up by our country's foremost
   authority on such things, Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation.
   Looking for the Next President
   Posted March 17, 2015

   It seems so early, but eager candidates are already lining up to
   become the Republican nominee for president in the important race of
   2016. There has already been one showcasing in Iowa, and candidates
   are seeking opportunities to strut their stuff and show why they are
   different from and better than the others.
   How Democrats Plan to Win Elections 
   Posted March 03, 2015

   The Obama Democrats have an audacious scheme for winning future
   elections. They just plan to import 5,000,000 non-citizens and
   credential them as voters who will, in gratitude, vote Democratic.
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   Tom Brady Beats the NFL on 'Deflategate' Suspension
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