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   The Grievance Industry's Spawn The Grievance Industry's Spawn | Derek
   Hunter Obamaland: Where Cowboys are Villains and Race-Baiters, Gay
   Radicals and Marxists are Heroes Obamaland: Where Cowboys are Villains
   and Race-Baiters, Gay Radicals and Marxists are Heroes | Doug Giles I
   See Rich People I See Rich People | Debra J. Saunders President Hope
   Abandons It President Hope Abandons It | Bruce Bialosky 
   G] Freedom with an Exception Clause | Paul Jacob
   [b7ecfefb-f909-4a39-971e-181c2ee12231.jpg] "Why Do Judges Execute
   Innocent...Children?" | Kevin McCullough
   What's Wrong with Victims' Rights? | Steve Chapman
   [50fe481b-fb05-459a-87d4-4d8a7601fb6e.jpg] Another Amazing Example of
   Government Stupidity and Political Correctness | Daniel J. Mitchell 
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   Phyllis Schlafly 

Phyllis Schlafly

   Phyllis Schlafly has been a national leader of the conservative
   movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice
   Not An Echo. Phyllis Schlafly has been a leader of the pro-family
   movement since 1972, when Phyllis Schlafly started her national
   volunteer organization now called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle,
   Phyllis Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the
   principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal
   Rights Amendment. An articulate and successful opponent of the radical
   feminist movement, Phyllis Schlafly appears in debate on college
   campuses more frequently than any other conservative. Phyllis Schlafly
   was named one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century by
   the Ladies' Home Journal.

   Phyllis Schlafly's monthly newsletter called The Phyllis Schlafly
   Report is now in its 38th year. Phyllis Schlafly's syndicated column
   appears in 100 newspapers, her radio commentaries are heard daily on
   460 stations, and her radio talk show on education called "Phyllis
   Schlafly Live" is heard weekly on 45 stations. Both can be heard on
   the internet.

   Phyllis Schlafly is the author or editor of 20 books on subjects as
   varied as family and feminism (The Power of the Positive Woman),
   nuclear strategy (Strike From Space and Kissinger on the Couch),
   education (Child Abuse in the Classroom), child care (Who Will Rock
   the Cradle?), and a phonics book (Turbo Reader). Phyllis Schlafly's
   most recent book, Feminist Fantasies, is a collection of essays on
   feminism in the media, workplace, home, and the military.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer and served as a member of the Commission
   on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1985-1991, appointed by
   President Reagan. Phyllis Schlafly has testified before more than 50
   Congressional and State Legislative committees on constitutional,
   national defense, and family issues.

   Phyllis Schlafly is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Washington
   University, received her J.D. from Washington University Law School,
   and received her Master's in Political Science from Harvard

   Phyllis Schlafly is America's best-known advocate of the dignity and
   honor that we as a society owe to the role of fulltime homemaker. The
   mother of six children, Phyllis Schlafly was the 1992 Illinois Mother
   of the Year.
   Facts and Fallacies About Paycheck Fairness
   Posted April 15, 2014

   President Barack Obama and his feminist friends have been trotting out
   their tiresome slogan that women are paid only 77 cents for every
   dollar a man earns. Every reputable scholar who has commented has
   proved that this is a notorious falsehood that anyone should be
   embarrassed to use.
   Worst Week for Abortion in 50 Years 
   Posted April 01, 2014

   Oh, how the tide has turned against abortion. Just last week, there
   were three stunning setbacks to the pro-abortion movement.
   Victory for Honest Elections 
   Posted March 25, 2014

   A federal court in Kansas just rendered a much-needed decision against
   the central government's interference with state efforts to combat
   voter fraud. Kansas and Arizona won total support for their laws to
   stop voter registration by illegal aliens and other noncitizens, and
   the court ordered a federal agency to revise its forms "immediately."
   Obamacare Has to Go
   Posted March 18, 2014

   The surprise victory of Republican David Jolly for a congressional
   seat in Florida has given new life to voters who had been depressed
   about the power of the Obama campaign machine.
   The President's Grab for Dictatorial Power
   Posted March 11, 2014

   The United States is at "a constitutional tipping point" and "in the
   midst of a constitutional crisis." Has President Barack Obama
   unilaterally overturned the constitutional framework of three branches
   that is the basis of our unique and successful system of
   Why Moms Are Protesting Common Core
   Posted March 04, 2014

   One of the major reasons why moms are vigorously opposing schools
   adopting the much-ballyhooed Common Core standards is that they are
   tied to the gathering and storing of in-depth personal data about
   every child.
   National Takeover of School Curriculum
   Posted February 25, 2014

   Many people said ho-hum when President Barack Obama threatened to
   change any law with his pen or phone, and even use that power to
   personally alter Obamacare and the welfare law, and to "legislate" the
   Dream Act that Congress refused to pass.
   Obama's War on the First Amendment 
   Posted February 18, 2014

   When President Barack Obama said he planned to "fundamentally
   transform" the United States, he wasn't referring only to spreading
   the wealth around or even to conforming our foreign-trade regulations
   to the dictates of globalist busybodies.
   Let's Read the Polls About Amnesty 
   Posted February 11, 2014

   The Congressional Budget Office just reported that Obamacare will
   shrink the U.S. workforce by 2.5 million full-time jobs. That's
   stunning confirmation of how President Barack Obama's favorite
   legislative legacy is (as even Democrats have admitted) a "train
   Sessions Gets Right With the Truth
   Posted February 05, 2014

   "Get right with the law" is the trendy new poll-tested slogan that's
   supposed to make both amnesty-resistant Americans and illegal aliens
   accept whatever so-called immigration reform Congress considers.
   Obama Betrays U.S. Military Superiority
   Posted January 14, 2014

   The takeover of Fallujah by al-Qaida wipes out our costly 2004 victory
   in which we captured the Iraqi city at the cost of 100 Marines and
   soldiers killed in action, and hundreds more wounded.
   Parents and Teachers Object to Common Core
   Posted December 10, 2013

   The media are currently filled with reports of students in the U.S.
   scoring poorly on international tests.
   Whom Is John Kerry Representing?
   Posted November 26, 2013

   Secretary of State John Kerry is turning out to be even more dangerous
   than former Secretary Hillary Clinton. "The era of the Monroe Doctrine
   is over," he took it upon himself to unilaterally proclaim.
   Uncle Sam a Global Sucker 
   Posted November 19, 2013

   It should be clear that teaching Americans we are now part of a global
   economy and teaching schoolchildren they are citizens of the world is
   a deceitful message to con us into a plan to add the poor countries
   around the earth to our list of welfare handout recipients.
   Amnesty Is Republican Party Suicide
   Posted October 29, 2013

   Republicans and conservatives recognize that the principal reason for
   our unique abundance is our constitutional restraints on the power of
   government, separation of powers, balanced budgets, and a minimum of
   government supervision and interference in our daily lives.
   Checking Your Kids' School Assignments
   Posted October 22, 2013

   Have you checked your kids' school assignments lately? You might be
   shocked if you do.
   Obama's Politics about Government Shutdown
   Posted October 15, 2013

   Catholic priests were warned that they are not permitted to minister
   on base during the shutdown, and they risk being arrested if they
   attempt to do so.
   Obama Disobeys the Law of the Land
   Posted October 08, 2013

   The Democrats are chanting that Republicans must fully fund Obamacare
   because it is the law of the land, passed by Congress, signed by the
   president and upheld by the Supreme Court.
   Coming: Obamacare and Medicare Train Wrecks
   Posted September 02, 2013

   The problem with ObamaCare isn't only that it's careening toward a
   financial train wreck. It's also a slush fund to pay off Obama's
   political activists to carry out a massive invasion of privacy that
   dwarfs the NSA's collection of personal data on American citizens.
   Is Article V in Our Future? 
   Posted August 27, 2013

   Attacks on the U.S. Constitution are coming from all sides.
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