Before the
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554
In the Matter of

Digital Broadcast Copy Protection
MB Docket No. 02-230
To: The Commission
Request For Extension of Time Until March 17, 2003
In Which to File Reply Comments
The American Library Association, the American Association of Law Libraries,
the Association of Research Libraries, the Medical Library Association, and the Special
Library Association (collectively ěLibrariesî) hereby request a sixty (60) day extension
of time in which to file reply comments to the FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
regarding Digital Broadcast Copy Protection (MB Docket No. 02-230) Interested parties,
including the Libraries, filed comments on December 6, 2002. Under the schedule
established in by the Commission in the NPRM reply comments are due to be filed
January 17, 2003. If this extension is granted, reply comments will be due to be filed on
March 17, 2003
For the reasons set forth below, the Libraries respectfully request that this request
be granted.
This NPRM raises important issues that may affect the ability of the public to
access and use information distributed and/or maintained in a digital format. The
importance and significance of this rule making is, in part, reflected by the more than
6,500 comments that have been filed. There are literally thousands of pages that need to
be reviewed carefully and the current schedule does not allow adequate time for that
review, much less the preparation of thoughtful reply comments. Indeed, a cursory
review of a portion of the filed comments indicate numerous policy and public issues of
interest to the Libraries as well as many other commenters which warrant detailed and
thoughtful replies. Thus, due to the volume of the filed comments to be reviewed and the
complex and important issues raised by the Broadcast Flag rule making, the Libraries
believe that an extension of time to and including March 17, 2003 is necessary and
Respectfully submitted,
The American Library Association
The American Association of Law Libraries
The Association of Research Libraries
The Medical Libraries Association
The Special Libraries Association

Professor Peter Jaszi
Professor Richard Ugelow
Akua Coppock
Piper Nieters
Gunther Oakey
Samantha Thompson
Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Law
4801 Massachusetts, NW Suite 417
Washington, DC 20016-8184

December 19, 2002
Counsel for Libraries