Have we as citizens or residents no rights? Is the only way of getting justice
and fair use through paid contributions to the best
politicians that money can buy?
I buy my media legally. Have I no right to use it as I see fit for
my own personal use? Do you or Hollywood have the right to tell me
that I can use it on brand X but not brand Y product? Can they tell
us all that we can use the legally purchased media on today's
technology, but not tomorrow's. Are you prepared to invade my home
to enforce Hollywood's monopoly because they "suspect" I might be
a criminal? Or are you going to hire someone else to do it for them?
Fair use is not just a "opt out" of laws for the big guys, it is the
engine that makes innovation possible. As such, it is a major factor
in our economic well-being.
However, you certainly have the opportunity with this ruling to give
all our foreign competitors the advantage to innovate and sell it
back to us. Hi, maybe I should ask who is paying you - the people of
the United States, Hollywood, or our foreign competition?