Will the broadcast flag interfere with consumers ability to make copies of
DTV content for their personal use, either on personal video recorders or
removable media?
Broadcast flag is a very serious and unacceptable interference with
legitimate personal use consumer-rights. An excessively restrictive
preventive measure that would nevertheless most probably fail in its
primary intent to limit big-business piracy. It creates an unhealthy
environment, wholly inconsistent with all previously accepted standards of
consumer-based copy-restrictions.
Would the digital flag interfere with consumers ability to send DTV content
across networks, such as home digital networks connecting digital set top
boxes, digital recorders, digital servers and digital display devices?
Without any doubt, digital flag will interfere with every aspect of fair
and honest consumer rights. Rather than achieve any lasting solutions, it
will serve only to create another more problematic environment of
Would the broadcast flag requirement limit consumers ability to use their
existing electronic equipment (equipment not built to look for the flag) or
make it difficult to use older components with new equipment that is
compliant with the broadcast flag standard?
Broadcast flag would create an unnecessary economic encumbrance for the
average consumer. It will only severely limit consumer rights, but it will
fail to provide the touted copyrights protection results.
Would a broadcast flag requirement limit the development of future
equipment providing consumers with new options?
Boadcast flag will greatly limit future technological development for both
consumers and copyright owners.
What will be the cost impact, if any, that a broadcast flag requirement
would have on consumer electronics equipment?
It will be an economic hardship, especially for those most unable to afford
Other Comments:
Please take a more consumer-rights protection perspective AGAINST BROADCAST
FLAG. Please address the possabilities of solutions outside the restrictive
regulatory-enforcement environment of broadcast flag. Thank you.