Will the broadcast flag interfere with consumers ability to make copies of
DTV content for their personal use, either on personal video recorders or
removable media?
Yes, and a simple example would be a pen or pencil that would prevent
coping. Imagine everytime you picked up a pencil if it refused to mark the
paper if it interpreted the curve you made was copywritten.
Personally, I will not purchase any product that will have any types of
restriction built in to it. For this reason I own a Macintosh computer
using Mac OS X. I do not watch TV, I do not buy DVDs because they do not
allow backup nor do they allow you to skip forced ads at the start.
Personally, I could careless if the quality is better or if the product is
better if it restricts my 'unregulated' use...that is inheritly an
inferrior product then isn't it? For not only does it have less features,
but it strips me of my constitutional rights and my consumer rights of
unregulated use of a product I paid for with my earned money. If they
companies plan to provide the products free of charge at that point then
maybe they can dictate to me what and what not features a product can be
allowed to have.
Would the digital flag interfere with consumers ability to send DTV content
across networks, such as home digital networks connecting digital set top
boxes, digital recorders, digital servers and digital display devices?
Yes and No. Yes in the sense that legally it will attempt to prevent this
from being done. No in the sense that these technologies designed to
prevent unregulated use are inspiring common law abiding people into
becoming criminals for the sake of being able to share....and to share is
not to steal...you need to get this through those moron politicians heads.
Would the broadcast flag requirement limit consumers ability to use their
existing electronic equipment (equipment not built to look for the flag) or
make it difficult to use older components with new equipment that is
compliant with the broadcast flag standard?
Yes and No. Yes because undobtetly future componets will be programmed to
refuse to work with componets that do not send the 'I'm a copy protect
piece of technology' signal. This is a simple matter for technology
companies to employ into devices and have no dobts that they are already
probably planning such systems....this in turn again destroys my rights and
locks me into two choices...first choise being that I accept new
technologies and loose my rights and my ability to use old equipment, or to
live frozen in time and eventually become a 'low tech' person.
You could
conceivably create a subculture within the mainstream....those who careless
about being free but have all the toys and those who remember the words
'give me liberty or give me death'....which in the case will be 'give me
liberty or leave me alone to watch VHS and Betamax tapes for eternity'.
Would a broadcast flag requirement limit the development of future
equipment providing consumers with new options?
Yes most definately. You can not possibly think that a device with
restrictions on it can in anyway be a move forward. We are not talking
about safety features here that are designed to prevent your fingers from
being cut off.
What we are speaking about is stopping what humanity has
always done...and that is copying the past to produce an even better
future. With this protective technology we will eventually not even be
aware of our past as it will require prior permissions, a feee, and an
access code to get at.
And even though humanity has achived all that the 21st century has to offer
by copying and sharing...the mega corporations cry wolf that they are going
broke because we copy...you show me a sinlg company which did not violate
itself by copying another persons work. It is human nature and to regulate
human nature is a crime against humanity because at this point to you
legally enabling companies to dictate the path the human race will take.
Yes, it seems so trivial - a record button on a camcorder or something
similar but you need to remember that the record button was invented for a
very good reason and had the Betamax or VHS or audio tape recorder been
built and allowed people to copy where would we be today?
Would this same multi-billion dollar industry be as large as it is today?
Probably not. So are we (the consumers) stealing from them, or are they
(the companies triing to control us) stealing from us?
What will be the cost impact, if any, that a broadcast flag requirement
would have on consumer electronics equipment?
Cost in dollars - Probably a lot since the technology will be controlled by
the few they can regulate the cost for eternity...thus eliminating the
descrease in cost as the technology ages effect they we enjoy in current
products and past products.
Cost in creativity - This cost will be astronomically high. You might as
well clone Hitler and install him as the US President and have him tell us
what art and what music can be allowed at this point...but this technology
will lead to even more restrictive ones that will in effect become the
'Digital Hitler' of the very near future.
Other Comments:
I don't expect the FCC to understand anything about freedom. Considering
that the airwaves belong to the people and the people have absolutely no
control or right to use them (radio and TV)....yeah I was enjoying that
royaly check the FCC sent to me for selling off my rights to broadcast to
the highest bidders in my area and screwing all the rest of us more poor
folks over...thanks FCC.
So what can you say to an organization which is inheritly predisposed to
taking peoples right away from them?
Should I try to convince the FCC that this technology is a bad idea? That
would be the equivilent of try to convince Hitler that Jews are ok...he
would simply gas you to death for violation of some insain law.
Those who work for the monster (the FCC) know whats right and wrong...they
all have children who will inherit the future they create...the question is
what do they want more? To serve the interests of companies who are making
money hand over fist in this supposed 'stealing' culture or to secure the
liberties and rights of their children and to continue the traditions that
gave birth the the United States to begin with...Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of Happiness....not Restriction, Facism, and the pursuit of money.
While you are at it why not allow a technology that prevents the digestive
enzymes from working in your food until you call up a certain phone number
and pay a digestion fee and receive a certain code to allow your stomach to
proceed with digestion...all to prevent illegal and smuggled foods from
entering the nation and causing collapse of the national food growing and
distribution system.
or how about genetically engineered seeds that refuse to grow if not
planted before a certain date even though the poor famer paid for them and
in addition these seeds will produce plants which will in turn not produce
more seeds to force farmers from illegally copying the corn or soy...oh
yeah this one is already in the works....but if you are sitting there
saying to yourself while rading this, 'yeah but corn and soy are not
creations of man...they are in the public domain'...well then I invite you
to spend a bit a of time redefining the public domain...or better yet those
things which are 100% man made...meaning completely created by man alone
without borrowed materials from Nature nor God (using tools 100% manmade
and in an evironment 100% manmade in a universe 100% manmade occuping space
created by man sustained by manmade energy using manmade laws of physics
and mathematics). And if you can identify any product which is such then
you may have a case for true copy protection...otherwise you are guilty of
violation of copywrite infringment of which the copywrite holder is God or
the natural laws of the universe if you are an non religious person.
So do you think that whole previous text was about as stupid as it can get?
So do I about the broadcast flag idea.
Anyway, you've got to ask yourself what kind of future you are helping to
create and is it one you will be proud of and one you want to be remembered