I write to urge you to reject the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking #02-230, which
would limit the functionality of digital television sets. As currently
constructed, this ·broadcast flag· proposal would hamper innovation in digital
televisions and other electronic equipment capable of receiving digital
Viewers (customers) pay for equipment to receive broadcasts AND, as taxpayers,
subsidize much of the infrastructure that permits \"the entertainment industry\"
to exist. To insist that those customers also be tied to schedules set by the
industry is ludicrous.
Once any segment of any broadcast is aired, it seems to me de facto ownership of
that segment passes to the viewing public. They\'ve paid for it, they determine
its\' worth.
If piracy is such a concern, both \"the entertainment industry\" and \"artists\"
are perfectly free NOT to USE television ... digital or otherwise ... to hawk
their products.
Tell all those good folk to go back to the drawing board to solve their
internecine conflicts ... and do so without involving/punishing their customers.
Scotch the \"broadcast flag\" idea. It\'s a rotten one.