I am totally surprised at the suggestion of such a outrageous fix for the
entertainment industry's problems with collecting revenues on music and video.
The idea that they could possess enough power to cause regulations to be
considered, that would empower them to collect their revenues, while at the same
time deprive the average american of the abilities to use their computers, VCRs
and other computer systems in legal and prosperous ways, that we now enjoy, is
outrageous! Who do these entertainers think they are?
The knowledge that this kind of idea could even be considered is almost
impossible to comprehend, and very disturbing.
Is this still the home of the brave and the land of the free? If these rules
are implemented, and others like them, America will no longer be such a place!
We, as americans, should not, can not, stand for a small group of powerful, rich
members of the entertainment industry, to destroy the rights and freedoms we now
Is it not those free Americans who chose to keep the rules that will suffer from
such rule making, while the persons breaking the rules and causing the problems
will find other ways of accomplish their illegal goals.
The persons that break the rules are those who are causing the problems. Punish
the guilty, not the the innocent.
The entertainment industry should be more creative, and find ways to fix their
problems that will affect only those trying to cheat the them out of their
rightful revenues, not we who try to do what is right.
I appeal to you, who have been given the autority to make the rules. Dismiss
this rediculous group of people and their self serving ideas. Serve the people,
the voters, and you will be greatly rewarded!