I am an independant film maker and I strongly oppose NPRM 02-230, "The
Broadcast Flag." I use Open Source software to view TV, and to exercise my Fair
Use rights to incorporate pieces of what I see on TV into my work for purposes
of commentary, parody, and analysis. I do not want these freedoms to be
The "broadcast flag," as I understand it, would force digital TV receiving and
editing software to contain software code that blocks it's ability to be used
in ways that are not "authoized" by big media companies (though they may be
allowed by copyright law or First Amendment protections). But the nature of Open
Source software allows any computer user to remove that code. The "broadcast
flag" would prohibit me from modifying (or distributing or selling) Open Source
software to be used to excersize my Free Speech.
I take this matter very seriously, and strongly urge to FCC to reject NPRM 02-