Comments on FCC NPRM 02-230
The FCC has no business getting into Digital Restriction Management. The mandate
of the FCC is to
provide proper management of the airwaves as a public trust. When the FCC was
formed, the airwaves were
seen as a valuable PUBLIC resource that could not be entrusted to open market
forces that were concerned
only with profit. Any support by the FCC for the "broadcast flag" is completely
contrary to the purpose
that the FCC was founded for in the first place!
The "broadcast flag" was born in minds that head corporations that are single-
mindedly focused on
maximizing profits at the expense of consumer rights that have been verified and
sanctified by many
years of court decisions that have gone all the way to the Supreme Court of
these United States. I refer
you to any of the many decisions and discussions on "fair use" rights.
The only reason that the FCC is involved with this decision at all is due to one
person. When he failed
to garner enough support to change the laws of this great land, a certain
Congressman (and you know
exactly who I am referring to) decided that it didn't have to pass through the
legislature. It could be
decided without any messy public review or some nasty vote in both houses that
he was sure to lose; it
could be decided unilaterally by the FCC! You must not be party to this kind of
political legerdemain
motivated by the money paid by rich business interests who want to BUY law that
benefits only them and
robs every American of their rights as established by the Supreme Court.
Any further comments on the benefits or costs of the "broadcast flag" are
superfluous. Frankly, the
decision is not yours to make!
Don Ecker
17712 Schenely Ave
Cleveland, OH 44119