The use of a broadcast flag or other digital broadcast copy protection mechanism
against consumers who have already purchased the rights to view such broadcasts
is WRONG. I already pay for both cable and satellite service, I pay for blank
media such as recordable DVD's and video tapes...all of these have fees and
charges aimed at protecting those who own the licensing rights. This entire
argument smacks of corporate profiteering on the part of those who aim to market
the technologies associated with digital broadcasting and recording, and those
who wish to sell the content to the viewers for additional charges. What will
this due to electronic equipment already in use, and how or who decides what to
flag or not flag? We, as consumers, should be allowed fair use (for personal
reasons) of all we purchase..... we should be allowed to record whatever we like
once we have purchased the media and once we pay for the rights to receive the
signal. If broadcast flags are insitituted it will be one more thing on the
list of things we were once given and now will have taken away. Please DO NOT
allow digital broadcast copy protection, but rather explore OTHER, more
consumer-friendly (not corporate friendly) ways in which to govern this issue.