This would totally ruin almost all forms of emergency communications, which are
mainly digital, and also provided by Amateur Radio Operators, The Values upon
which Amateur Radio was started stated that, and I quote "Amateur Radio is a
service, and it has been a traditon of Amateur operators to help out their
country in times of need". Be it Packet, PSK-31, or any other digital mode, it
is infinetely mor reliable than the internet, which due to hackers could be
brought down by a massive router attack, or something as simple as construction
workers being careless and cutting one of the Fiber Optic Backbones to a major
Router, even with that, Amateur Radio could still continue, or even without
power Whereas the Internet would be devastated without power.
These are Some of the reasons I believe the DRM, and DMCA Bills should not even
be considered, tighter IT security and better Digital Encryption, and
copyrighting, but not to that extreme.
Thank You for Your Time, and Have a Nice Day.
Micah Thompson
Amateur Call KD7QYQ