I have real concerns about the proposed Broadcast Flag.
It seems highly probable to me that this Flag would be used to limit or even
prevent my personal use of digitally broadcast media. The advantages of
digitally transmitted media for me has been the flexibility to use that media on
different display devices I own at times that are convenient to me.
I am a law abiding citizen. I am not interested in copying and distributing any
media illegally. I just want to use it in the manner that is most convenient to
me, without viewing restrictions on time, number of viewings or any of the other
controls Hollywood seems determined to impose on my personal viewing habits. By
the way, I was adamantly opposed to the DIVX DVD format for these same reasons.
I urge you not to require the inclusion of the broadcast flag. Too much control
of viewing habits and ultimately the stifling of innovation would be the
unintended results. Besides, doesn't it seem likely that large scale pirating
operations would be able to crack the code and the only ones who would suffer
would be the average DTV consumer?