I strongly urge you to resist all recording and motion picture industry
pressures to attempt to use US law and FCC regulations to prevent full
implementation throughout the US of all forms of digital communications and
information processing technology.
These industries are shortsightedly attempting to use law enforcement to prevent
the emergence and evolution of technologies that are, simply put, inevitable.
The choice is not whether or not these new digital technologies will be
implemented. The only choice we face is whether we will allow special interests
to criple continued US leadership of the global economy through blind
initiatives such as 'plugging the analog hole.'
Our present recording and motion picture industries are highly resistant to
undertake the restructuring necessary to competitively adapt to narrow-casting
technologies, and they seek to use the law to prevent the whole culture from
adopting any form of such narrow-casting technologies. They want to strand us in
a broadcasting economic structure - which is simply impossible.
The recording and motion picture industries are like buggy and whip
manufacturers fighting to prevent the creation of the interstate highways. That
would have been impossible. The current efforts to prevent emergence of narrow-
casting digital technologies is also impossible.
Please insist these powerful special interests get with the modern world and
restructure rather than allow them to use the law in an ill-informed attempt to
prevent having to adapt to the new digital and narrow-casting technologies.