I didn't really watch television until I got a TiVo. I'm pretty busy, and being
forced to adhere to the broadcast schedule really makes it hard for me to view
television. VCRs are too much of a pain to use.
With TiVo, I'm now a satellite television subscriber.
I do typically fast-forward through commercials, but since I pay the satellite
people for t.v., and I pay the TiVo people for their service, and I've paid for
all the equipment, it's inconceivable to me that the television producers really
need me to watch commercials as well in order to make money.
If the ability to skip commercials and time-shift content so that it suits my
needs and schedule goes away, no problem. I'll just cancel my satellite
subscription and TiVo account, and stop watching T.V.
Mike Higgins