Dear Congressman Weiner:

I'm writing you today to ask for you to correct a mistake that Congress made in 1998 when it passed the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. I'm asking you to join Congressman Boucher of Virginia in calling for a correction of the DMCA. As a Grandparent, and someone who supports education and public libraries, it's frankly baffling to me how this law was passed. Now that we have finally reached a point where information is so easy to transmit from one individual to another, why would Congress create a law to inhibit traditional constitutional rights to access information freely. Is it that cogress thought that digital information should be only used for trivial things like pornagrphy and spam, and that anything worthy like research in medical sciences and political events should be religated to rental status only, and then only by the wealthy? Our district needs to feel that it can be represented by your office adequately. You were not our representitive in 1998, however, some of the major propents since that time, such as the American Association of Publishers, has said:

"Librariean are the kind of people who should be shot."

Evidently they are upset that people are allowed tor read for free.

It was irresponsible of Congress to strip fair use for copyright with the passage in 1998 of the DMCA. And it is irresponsible of you to keep it on the books. Please introduce a law to have it repealed.

Thank You